Terms and Conditions


This website is owned and managed SOHUM Group Pty Ltd. By using this website you are deemed to accept the terms and conditions. After you have checked the box ☐ I have read and accept the terms and conditions on the online ordering form you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and they will apply to the exclusion of all other written agreements with us.


All prices are ex GST which will be charged at 10%. You may order goods listed on our website either online, via email or telephone.

   1.1    Back Orders

     Sohum Lines are ongoing and are held in stock. Occasionally, not all items will be available for immediate dispatch – Any items not available will be placed on back order and sent when available. You may cancel or delete back orders at any time but if this is not done prior to dispatching them then you are deemed to have confirmed the back order. Back orders will be cancelled if your order Has been marked no back orders.


Minimum order qtys apply. Please refer to our opening order guides or call us on 1300 145 455 to discuss.

Stock items must be ordered in minimum quantities as set on our website.
When you order on our website you are offering to purchase from us. We accept your order by processing your payment and organising delivery to your specified delivery address.

We may not accept your order if:

  1. It does not meet the minimum order value.
  2. Does not meet the minimum order quantity requirements.
  3. Does not provide credit card details for pro forma orders.
  4. We already have stockists in the immediate area who already stock the same goods.
  5. An order is considered accepted by us until it is processed and delivered, or collection is arranged.

We will notify you if we cannot accept your order.


   3.1   Prices are in Australian dollars

   3.2   Prices are wholesale prices

   3.3   Prices are ex GST

   3.4   Sohum recommended retail price is calculated at 100% Mark up


   4.1   All goods remain the property of SOHUM Group Pty Ltd ABN 491 400 971 96 until all monies are paid in full.

   4.2   Property of the goods does not become yours until all monies are paid in full. Risk in the goods becomes yours at the time the goods are delivered to the delivery address provided by you.

   4.3   If you have organised your own freight the risk becomes yours when the goods are collected by you from our warehouse by your courier or yourself.

   4.4   Until you have paid all monies owing to us, you must ensure all goods while in your possession can be readily identified and distinguished, and all proceeds (in whatever form) that you receive from the sale of any of the goods are readily identifiable and traceable.

   4.5   Material on the website is the property of SOHUM. You may request permission in writing to sales@sohumcosmetics.com  to request links or use of any product images or part of our website. These products or content must be product you have purchased and are held in stock.

   4.6   Any unauthorised use of product images, website content or other intellectual property constitutes a breach of our copyright.


   5.1 We reserve the right to grant exclusivity to sell our goods.

   5.2 We reserve the right to authorise and/or supply additional retailers in any market area that it deems necessary to adequately cover the geographical market.


   6.1   Freight is calculated according to size and weight of goods shipped and all rates for this are determined by our carriers.

  1.    6.2   All freight charges will be invoiced to you.
  2.    6.3   If you choose to use your own courier or carrier all charges and responsibilities for damage, breakages, and any other circumstances are the receiver’s liability.
  3.    6.4   If you are unable to accept delivery, or our courier is unable to deliver your order during normal business hours, redelivery charges will apply.
  4.    6.5   It is expected that as a retail trading business you are open to receive deliveries during normal trading hours Monday through Friday.
  5.    6.6   Please provide clear delivery instructions for delivery during business hours between Monday and Friday. Any special delivery instructions must be advised prior to dispatch (preferably at the time of ordering).
  6.    6.7   You can opt to give us an ‘Authority to Leave’ where we authorise the carrier to leave the order unattended at your address if no one is available to receive the delivery. But this is entirely at your risk and neither Perfect Pieces nor the transport company assumes any responsibility for damaged or missing items.
  7.    6.8   You are not authorised to redirect any delivery with any of our carriers and you will be charged any penalties or charges we are charged for any unauthorised redirection. These charges will be passed on and paid by you.
  8.    6.9   For occupational health and safety reasons, SOHUM cannot accept personal pickups.


   7.1   Claims are accepted within 7 days of delivery receipt. Claims are to be made in writing to sales@sohumcosmetics.com

   7.2   Returns are not accepted for change of mind, customer order error. Claims are accepted for damaged goods received in an order, short deliveries, or pick errors. Rectification of any Claims are on a case-by-case basis.

   7.3   Unauthorised returns will not be accepted unless a return authority has been issued.

   7.4   Unauthorized returns will be returned to sender and any charges will be on charged to the trade account.

   7.5   Any authorised returns must be returned in the original packaging, and you shall be responsible for all damage incurred during return shipment.

   7.6   Failure to claim within 7 days constitutes full acceptance of the goods.


   8.1   SOHUM provides a proforma invoice when ordering. You must provide your credit card details and must pay for the goods in advance. We accept direct deposits, and credit cards (Visa or MasterCard). We reserve the right to charge you a surcharge fee for eftpos, MasterCard or Visa payments.

   8.2   Trading accounts are offered upon request and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

   8.3   If we don’t receive payment on the due date on a trading a count, we may:

  • charge interest (as liquidated damages) at the rate of two percent (2%) above the rate of interest fixed from time to time under Section 2 of the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (Vic); and

  • place your account on hold until payment is received and/or place your account on a pre-paid basis.

   8.4   For accounts outside our payment terms, we also reserve the right to charge any credit card held on file and to charge a 4 percent (4%) administration fee.

   8.5   We may revoke our express or implied approval for giving you credit at any time. We can set-off against any money owing to you amounts owed to us by you on any account whatsoever.

   8.6   All sums outstanding become immediately due and payable by you to us if you make default in paying any sums due to us, you become bankrupt or commit any act of bankruptcy, or have judgement entered against you in any court notwithstanding the provisions of any other clause in these Terms.